Artyčok.TV / The Journ Art Cooperativa Conference, Ohrid (MK)

16-20/08/2010, Centre for Media Activities, Ohrid Republic of Macedonia

The event will gather media professionals and cultural experts aiming to join their experiences, opinions, attitudes, knowledge and skills that will result in development of enhanced models and forms of storage of cultural heritage and cultural events in audiovisual format in various countries. It will also reveal models and ways to exchange information in that regard, contributing in more qualitative presentation of culture and arts in media. More, the conference aims to develop standards to follow, with the final aim to produce or to support production of a regional TV show that will cover arts and culture.

During the JournArt international conference where Artyčok.TV participated in a panel discussion, we managed to shoot an interview with a freelance curator Elena Veljanovska.

foto: Selina Lovren Aksentic

Vloženo : 11. 08. 2010
Autor : Frantisek Zachoval
Kategorie : Info , Projekty


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