Artyčok.TV / Berlin – Prague – Bratislava – Budapest / Pecha Kucha Ancha

01/08/2009 Saturday, Stanica v Žilině-Záriečie / Pecha Kucha Ancha, 15:30

Live archive of the Internet television of contemporary art contains mainly contributions from exhibition openings, interviews with artists, curators, recordings of workshops, competitions, or lectures. Since its foundation the editing team from Prague has been extended by contributors from other university cities of the Czech Republic (Pilsen, Ústí nad Labem). Presentation and collaboration of more local institutions contribute better to the development of shared information for studying purposes. At present, there is a regular acquisition of contributions under way from other European cities such as Berlin, Bratislava and Budapest.

Distributed visual reading of Artyčok is more transmittable for the audience. Curator teams prepare a stimulating communication between artists and viewers and at the same time, it focuses on the youngest authors. In a broader conceptual interpretation, this project differs from content standards of public televisions and creates consistent alternative to the omnipresent mainstream.

The youngest section of the domain is Videoart that represents the biggest archive of the Czech-Slovak audiovisual scene.

Artyčok.TV will be presented by the programming duo of the portal: Jan Habrman & 2046.

Published : 12. 07. 2009
Author: Frantisek Zachoval
Category: Info, Projects


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