Demoscene: From Crackers to Pornography / Fest Anča

01/08/2009 Saturday, Stanica v Žilině-Záriečie, 15:00

DigiLab AVU has been invited to present the art of demoscene at the International animation festival Fest Anča in multifunctional cultural centre Stanica v Žilině-Záriečie.

Demoscena: From Crackers to Pornography / František Zachoval
Lecture will introduce attitudes and works of the authors of demoscene. Demonstrations will evaluate and revitalize back the original cracker scene of 1980´s and their transition into 8-bit and PC scene. At the end of the projection, there will be a lecture on the transformation of first pornographic digital works.

What is a demoscene?
Demoscene is one of the most inspirational phenomena of non institutionalized digital art. This culture has arisen with first home computers in 1980´s together with the origin of computer piracy and cracking. Current demoscene is considered to be mainly collaboration of programmers, graphic designers and composers on the PC platform. In other words, dema may be interpreted as computer animation short films or music clips.

Published : 08. 07. 2009
Author: Frantisek Zachoval
Category: Bio, Info, Projects


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