Konrad Smoleński (PL)

25/11/2009, DigiLab AVU v Praze (aula) U Akademie 4 Praha 7, 13:30

Konrad Smoleński works easily in many different media, mostly in video, installations and performance. In his films Smoleński manipulates the footage and pays attention to the audio part – all of his films have rich soundtrack, usually made by separate music compositions. Smoleński enjoys both anarchic destruction and mastery of refine detail, his art also often involves a sense of humor that engages viewers’ expectations and artistic conventions.

Konrad Smoleński present within the scope of Seminar of postgraduate students.

Published : 21. 11. 2009
Author: Frantisek Zachoval
Category: Info, Lecture, Seminar - PhD, Education


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