Artyčok.TV/audiovisual / Videomedeja Festival

12/12/2009, Museum of Vojvodina, Novi Sad, Serbia, 8pm

Nowadays it is more difficult to understand the difference between a classical home video and a video with worldwide social context, in other words, a video that may be considered an artefact (videoart). Nevertheless, is the context really necessary? Many active artists publish on YouTube because it offers its users many possibilities. However, in case of Artyčok.TV the situation is different: videos are chosen by curators in order to maintain their high quality.

Although the current market (Czech and Slovak Republic) with videoart is not well developed, videos become collector´s items. This portal supports this increasing trend and it becomes a basic monitoring centre of the latest art works. It has been only two years since its foundation and it has already become the biggest section that is pursued not only by private collectors but also by institutions. 

At the same time, this section tries to violate rules of traditionally perceived videoart by confronting it with animations, documents or film experiments from film schools´ production. It reacts so on the worldwide wave of borders violation between fields of study: videos may be more often seen in the cinemas, visual artists start to work more with the plot that is typical of movies and on the contrary, film-makers start to play more with conceptual processes.

Michal Pechouček: Tajemství tiché pošty / Silent Train
07:14, 2003

Adéla Babánová: Zürich
11:21, 2008

Ivan Svoboda: Anoushka Tishkova
01:35, 2007

Mark Ther: I will get you out and chop you up in midair
08:46, 2007

Ondřej Brody (in cooperation with Mark Ther): Miss Krimi
02:06, 2005

Radim Labuda: Somebody
03:50, 2004

Petr Hátle: Make Up
09:44, 2009

Klára Tasovská: Hacan
06:57, 2008

Erik Sikora: Nekonečná výstava / Neverending Exhibition
02:15, 2007

David Možný: Rahova
05:51, 2008

Zbyněk Baladrán: Act of Repeating
04:13, 2005

Matěj Smetana: Vesmír / Space
07:07, 2009

curator of section videoart: Jan Vidlička
splash screen: Matěj Smetana
introducing of Artyčok.TV: František Zachoval

Published : 07. 12. 2009
Author: Frantisek Zachoval
Category: Projects


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