Vladimír Just: Linguistic Medley in Visual Arts

07/03/2012, DigiLab AVU Praha U Akademie 4 Praha 7, 1pm-3pm

Professor Vladimír Just will focus at his lecture in the framework ‘Seminars of doctoral students of the Academy of Visual Arts’ on the linguistic medley in visual arts. His research has focused mainly at shorter essays, reviews and critique in periodicals like Respekt, Flash Art, bi-monthlies Ateliér, Umělec, Art & Antique, portals Artalk.cz and the insider’s choice Artmap.cz.

The lecture aims to open discussion about the real impact of critics, publishers and curators who rather clumsily transcribe visual works of sculptors, painters, graphic designers and conceptual artists in arts magazines.

Prof. Vladimír Just, Phd. CSc. (* 6th May 1946 Prague) specializes in theatre studies, literary and theatre criticism. Presently, he is a member of the Faculty of Theatre Studies of the Philosophical Faculty in the Charles University. Until 2010 he was the editor of the quarter–yearly periodical the Theatre Revue. He is a regular contributor to arts magazines; for example ‘Literary News, Respekt and is a guest on the show ‘Jan Rejžek’s Critical Club’ on the Czech national radio ‘Czech Broadcasting 6’. Apart from theatre critique the main subject matter of his writing is independence of national broadcasting, German removal’s issues, Czech-German relations or organization of the national park Šumava where he backs the principle of non-intrusion zones. http://cs.wikipedia.org/wiki/Vladimír_Just

Selected Works:
The dictionary of empty phrases, Small Encyclopedia of post November newspeak: clichés, slogans, jargons, tags , partial metaphors, verbal smog..
Academia: Prague 2003, The dictionary of empty phrases 2, Another load of verbal smog: mis words, mis connections, mis-ideas’ Academia: Prague 2005.

Published : 28. 02. 2012
Author: Frantisek Zachoval
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