Michael Bielický: After 7 Years Back in Prague

26/04/2012, DigiLab AVU Praha, U Akademie 4, Prague 7, 1.30pm

In his presentation for the framework of the post doctoral Seminars of the AVU Michael Bielický introduces his research projects completed in the past few years at the Karlsruhe University of Arts and Design*.  

The author focuses at the research and use of electronic data streamed in the real time which are the main narrative element in his concept called the Data Driven Narratives. At the same time Bielický will introduce the large-scale project ”ICONUU” which is developed in Brasil in the collaboration with the Goethe Institute, ZKM Karlsruhe and SESC Brasil.

* The University of Art and Design in Karlsruhe is an internationally recognised institution in the area of media theory. Another members are the philosopher Peter Sloterdijk, director Andrei Ujica or new media artist Isaac Julien.


Bielický is the creator of experimental video-documentaries on Nam June Paik and on Vilém Flusser (Paik, 1986, Vilém Flussers Fluss, 1994), of a video installation on Joseph Beuys called Die Fettecke, 1987, of video-sculptures (among others Menora, 1987, Der Name, 1990), a virtual tele-performance Exodus (1995), or the installation Tento rok v Jeruzalémě (This Year in Jerusalem), which in 2006 connected Prague and Jerusalem in real time. The internet installation, Falling Times, transforming real-time news headlines into the form of generally-understandable pictograms, came about as the collective work of internet users.

In 1991 he accepted an offer to build the New Media School at the Prague School of Art (AVU). He led this school until 2007. At present he serves as professor of media art at the Staatliche Hochschule für Gestaltung in Germany’s Karlsruhe.

Exhibited in Centre Pompidou, Paris, MOMA New York, National Gallery Prague, Kunsthaus Zurich, ZKM Karlsruhe, Ars Electronica Linz etc.
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Published : 09. 03. 2012
Author: Frantisek Zachoval
Category: Lecture, Seminar - PhD


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