Vjera Borozan: What Do We Have Biennales For?

17/05/2012, DigiLab AVU Praha, U Akademie 4, Praha 7, 1:30

The first international exhibition of contemporary art holding the title ‘Biennale’ in Venice was organised in 1985. In the middle of the 1980s there were only a very few biennale happening around the world. International art exhibitions organised every two years began to grow rapidly in the nineties and at the present there are over a hundred of biennales. What does this relentless growth testify to and how is it related to complex changes of art production in the globalised world? The lecture will constitute a historical overview as well as an analysis of the institution of biennale and its wider implications; an attempt at a comparative assessment and a sojourn into the world of contemporary biennales.

Vjera Borozan graduated from the department of art history at the Philosophical faculty of Charles University in Prague. She has taught at the Faculty of Fine Arts in Brno and at the Academy of Arts, Design and Architecture in Prague. Until recently she collaborated with the initiative transit.cz. She is the director of the online platform Artyčok.TV and an independent curator active in many other areas of the contemporary art scene.

Published : 07. 05. 2012
Author: Frantisek Zachoval
Category: Info, Lecture, Seminar - PhD


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