Piotr Stasiowski, Chief curator at Wroclaw Contemporary Museum (The Curator Takes Over Consultation**)

25/03/2013, lecture, DigiLab AVU (Assembly Hall), 6pm
26-27/03/2013, consultation, DigiLab AVU (Assembly Hall), 11-5pm

Piotr Stasiowski: Master Of The Second Plan* / Lecture
Chief curator at Wroclaw Contemporary Museum
25/03/2013 6pm
[public presentation and registration for consultations]

Piotr Stasiowski / Consultations
Chief curator at Wroclaw Contemporary Museum
26-27/03/2013 11am-5pm
[limited group of AVU's students]

    Follow-up lectures and consultations:
    08-10/04/2013, Stefan Tiron, Independent curator
    22-24/04/2013, Áron Fenyvesi, Chief curator at Trafó Gallery Budapest
programme is supported by Higher Education Development Fund (FRVŠ).

* When Catherine David, the curator of Documenta X said in 1997 her famous phrase – „Curator dictator” – it could only mean that the golden age of glorious creators of contexts had just finished. Despite this, at Polish art, the end of the decade and the beginning of the next one belonged to several curatorial stars whose names were of the same importance and as famous as the artist’s or even more. The department of curatorial studies at Jagiellonian University in Cracow, where I was one of the first graduates, assumed that it was such a prestigious job position that many of people would choose this career. Just after a couple of years the department of study was closed because of the lack of students. The idea of the role of the curator is changing now. In my opinion, her/his task is to help artists and to search for reasons why art exists in general. Only the most frustrated artists still believe that curators decide who is who in the art world and have an absolutely authority to create the art world. Curators are supposed to be helpful from time to time, I think. But only under one condition – when they are playing their role as a second plan.

    Piotr Stasiowski (born 1980) graduated from art history at Wroclaw University and MA in Curatorial studies at Jagiellonian University in Cracow. From 2006 to 2011 he was the head of the Studio BWA – BWA Wrocław Galleries of Contemporary Art and later from 2012 a chief curator at the Wrocław Contemporary Museum. He is a contributing writer to art monographs, books and magazines: Sekcja, Art&business, Format, Obieg, Flash Art among others and curated of many group and solo exhibitions. He also lectures at Wroclaw University (Journalism and Art History Departments) and Wroclaw Academy of Fine Art and is a member of the Lower Silesia Association of Fine Art and the AICA – International Association Critics of Art. Since 2013 he has been in charge of a selection for the Spojrzenia Competition in the Zachęta National Gallery of Art in Warsaw (Deutsche Bank Prize) and a member of a jury for Oscar Cepan Prize in Bratislava.

**The Curator Takes Over Consultation
There is a conventional question regularly raised at art schools: what was the role and meaning of art in the past and what it is in the present. Lofty answers do not last very long; this is because art always changes regardless never-ending attempts at a permanent definition.

In the connection with the development of discourse about art and its evaluation; it is evident that a successful art school graduate is able, alongside a successful engagement with subject matter, form and technique to present his/her work and lead a confident dialogue. This particular style of a communication can be stereotypically underestimated and sometimes linked to students who allegedly by a confident expression conceal an absence of a ‘real’ content and intellectual ability.

The Curator Takes Over Consultation is designed a series of lectures and consultations with curators for students of the Academy of Fine Arts in Prague. The lecture is open to public and each of the each curator will introduce her/his own strategies at the beginning. The second part of the lecture will address contemporary issues that are particular to a curator’s local art scene, which may be a lack of critical discourse, biased outlook or following of one’s own interests.

The objective of two days of consultations (it is necessary to register immediately after the lecture) is to encourage students of AVU to present their art practice to representatives of a curatorial and exhibition system. Consultations will aim to facilitate an open dialogue between students and curators where a shared objective is to discuss points of intersection of their interest.

Published : 17. 11. 2012
Author: Frantisek Zachoval
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