Palo Fabuš: Power and Subject of Nietzsche’s Seafarer

03/12/2012, Klub AVU (-1), U Akademie 4, Prague 7, 4pm

The powerful and the powerless, subject and object belong to the basic rational figures that help us cope with everyday world. The goal of the lecture is to give a light introduction into power and subject as concepts of multiplicity mainly in Nietzsche’s but partly also in Foucault’s understanding.

Palo Fabuš (1983) is critic and theorist. He received MA from the Department of Media Studies and Journalism Masaryk University in Brno, currently a PhD candidate at Sociology Dept. of Charles University in Prague.
In 2007 he co-founded Jlbjlt. Since 2009 Palo is an editor of Umělec magazine; since 2011 its chiefeditor.

Published : 15. 11. 2012
Author: Frantisek Zachoval
Category: Info, Seminar - PhD


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