Quirin Bäumler, lecture and consultation

21/05/2013, lecture and consultation Café AVU (-1), 2pm

The lecture and tutorials with Quirin Bäumler are the next instalment in a series of workshops ‘The curator takes over your consultation’ organised as part of the Phd Seminar of the AVU. The meeting with the artist is aimed chiefly at the Studio of Sculpture I. and II. and at the Studio of Figurative Sculpture and Medals of the Academy of Visual Arts in Prague. The lecture is open to public and at this occasion it will be delivered in the Café of AVU (-1 Floor) at 14:00, 21st of May 2013. After the lecture there will be tutorials strictly for the students of AVU.

Quirin Bäumler (*1965) was born in Weiden in Bavaria. He studied sculpture under James Reineking at the Academy of Visual Arts in Munich from 1992 to 2000. His conceptual approach to traditional forms and techniques is grounded in his process- based practice.

Selected solo exhibitions:
Lost Form, Polansky Gallery, Prague (2013); Die Welt als Widersacherin des Guten, 18m Galerie für Zahlenwerte, Berlin (2011); Im Weiher, Sigismundkapelle im Thon-Dittmer Palais, Regensburg (2010); Bright Cave, with Joanna Zawodzinska, Cussler, Berlin (2010); Your inside is out and your outside is in, with Thomas Groetz, Wiensalon, Berlin (2009); es geiget der Esel,es tanzet die Kuh, Projektraum Alex Müller, Berlin (2008); Zeichnungen, Ballhaus Ost, Berlin (2007); Quirin Bäumler in der Galerie Caduta Sassi, Galerie Caduta Sassi, Munich (2000).

Published : 13. 05. 2013
Author: Frantisek Zachoval
Category: Info, Seminar - PhD


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