Kurzy@DigiLab / zimní semestr 2012-2013

22/10/2012, DigiLab AVU v Praze U Akademie 4 Praha 7
Digitální laboratoř bude informovat o své činnosti studenty 1. ročníku na Prosemináři mezi 13h30-15h00 22/10/2012 v aule AVU. Bude představena základní nabídka kurzů, přednášek a celkového servisu DigiLab. Dále proběhne zápis do níže uvedených kurzů pro zimní semestr a letní semestr 2012-2013.
Zimní semestr (úvodní setkání, kde [...]

Zero Wage / Presentation of Initiative and Discussion

09/10/2012, DigiLab AVU Praha, U Akademie 4, Prague 7, 6:00
Zero Wage initiative is a movement of artists, curators and theoreticians active in the field of visual art. It strives for a more transparent relationship between gallery institutions funded by public finance and those who participate in creating the cultural program of such institutions. It wishes [...]

Vjera Borozan: What Do We Have Biennales For?

17/05/2012, DigiLab AVU Praha, U Akademie 4, Praha 7, 1:30
The first international exhibition of contemporary art holding the title ‘Biennale’ in Venice was organised in 1985. In the middle of the 1980s there were only a very few biennale happening around the world. International art exhibitions organised every two years began to grow rapidly in [...]

Alexander Kluge in Prag

17___19/05/2012, AVU Prague (auditorium), U Akademie 4, Prague 7, 18.00-24.00pm
Alexander Kluge in Prague is a series of film screenings by the prominent writer, director and producer Alexander Kluge who celebrated his eightieth birthday this February. The Academy of Fine Arts Prague will introduce author’s film works in a three-days programme from the 17th to 19th [...]

Jiří Přibáň: The Arts’s Canon and Transformation of the Public Sphere

12/04/2012, DigiLab AVU Praha U Akademie 4 Praha 7, 6pm
This lecture mainly focuses on the difference between aesthetic and political forms of social communication. Modern art functions as a permanent process of constituting and breaking the cultural canon of defined values and norms of aesthetic perception and experience. This process is public and thus involves [...]

Vladimír Just: Linguistic Medley in Visual Arts

07/03/2012, DigiLab AVU Praha U Akademie 4 Praha 7, 1pm-3pm

Professor Vladimír Just will focus at his lecture in the framework ‘Seminars of doctoral students of the Academy of Visual Arts’ on the linguistic medley in visual arts. His research has focused mainly at shorter essays, reviews and critique in periodicals like Respekt, Flash Art, bi-monthlies [...]

Kurzy@DigiLab / letní semestr 2011-2012

03/2012, DigiLab AVU v Praze U Akademie 4 Praha 7
Digitální laboratoř zahajuje letní semestr 1. března 2012 ve 12h kurzem: Video postprodukce. Dále vás zveme na pokračující cyklus kurzu Tvorba osob. web. prezentace II., který začne 7. března ve 11h30.

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