New release of Artyčok.TV / Press release

01/11/2010, DigiLab AVU Prague U Akademie 4 Prague 7, 00:00 am
Prague, November 1, 2010 – A new version of the Artyčok.TV information portal publishing daily reports on important events on the young art scene in Europe was released today.
In addition to the updated design, the web portal offers many new functions, such as interactive subtitles, [...]

The Moribund Film Tour / Tim Birtwistle (UK)

27/10/2010, DigiLab AVU Prague U Akademie 4 Prague 7, 8:00pm – 9:00pm
Live Spoken Word, Readings, Performance
The moribund FILM Tour is a show that is made up of 6 different short films brought from London, UK. The films are made in a variety of locations from Hackney, London to Lago Magore, Italy to Indonesia, using a [...]

Seminar of Postgraduate Students / First Meetup

05/10/2010, DigiLab AVU Prague U Akademie 4 Prague 7, 6:00pm – 7:00pm (even weeks 5:00pm)
The students of the first and second year of the postgraduate program will present their research goals, which will be analyzed during the discussion.
Seminar of postgraduate students is initiative of Digital laboratory and postgraduate students of AVU in Prague. Seminar represents [...]

A meeting at the Academy of Fine Arts with foreign artists at the TINA B. Festival

08/10/2010, DigiLab AVU Prague U Akademie 4 Prague 7, 11am – 1pm
How is art evolving abroad? What are artists from other countries like? Are their sources of inspiration, forms of work, and problems similar or is everything different where they are? Come meet the artists who will be exhibiting there work at the TINA B. [...]

Drupal meet up #6

20/10/2010, DigiLab AVU Prague U Akademie 4 Prague 7, 5pm – 9pm
more info:
Free entry

Courses@DigiLab / Winter Term 2010-2011

10-12/2010, DigiLab AVU Prague U Akademie 4 Prague 7
Digital laboratory of AVU in Prague opens four courses and one seminar for winter term 2010/2011. People who may enroll in courses are students of AVU, students of other art universities and also public.
04/10/2010: 3:15pm – 4:45pm Creating a Personal Web Presentation (04/10 cancelled due to the [...]

Artyčok.TV / The Journ Art Cooperativa Conference, Ohrid (MK)

16-20/08/2010, Centre for Media Activities, Ohrid Republic of Macedonia
The event will gather media professionals and cultural experts aiming to join their experiences, opinions, attitudes, knowledge and skills that will result in development of enhanced models and forms of storage of cultural heritage and cultural events in audiovisual format in various countries. It will also reveal [...]

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