11/10/2009, DigiLab AVU v Praze (aula) U Akademie 4 Praha 7, 16:00-20:00
MTA will be zone of artist presentationes, where each artist can shortly and familiary introduce his self to colleagues artists, curators and larger art community in Prague. Each person will have 15 minutes to speak abouth his artworks, projects, topics, interests, .. MTA is [...]

Open source through microsocieties / Datenspuren 2009

03/10/2009, Kulturzentrum Scheune, Alaunstraße 36-40 01099 Dresden, 18:00
This contribution studies sociological phenomena close to the philosophy of Open source (OS), it defines events that preceded and that parallelly exist next to the process itself of free sharing of information in digital world.
Is Open source in contemporary known appearance another anomaly of certain group in society? [...]

Courses@DigiLab / 2009-2010

Digital laboratory of AVU in Prague opens two courses for winter term 2009/2010 and four courses in summer term 2009/2010. You may enroll by 12/10/2009, from 10 a.m. – 18 p.m. at František Zachoval or Jan Habrman in DigiLab AVU. People who may enroll in courses are students of AVU, students of other art universities [...]

Artyčok.TV / Berlin – Prague – Bratislava – Budapest / Pecha Kucha Ancha

01/08/2009 Saturday, Stanica v Žilině-Záriečie / Pecha Kucha Ancha, 15:30
Live archive of the Internet television of contemporary art contains mainly contributions from exhibition openings, interviews with artists, curators, recordings of workshops, competitions, or lectures. Since its foundation the editing team from Prague has been extended by contributors from other university cities of the Czech Republic [...]

Demoscene: From Crackers to Pornography / Fest Anča

01/08/2009 Saturday, Stanica v Žilině-Záriečie, 15:00
DigiLab AVU has been invited to present the art of demoscene at the International animation festival Fest Anča in multifunctional cultural centre Stanica v Žilině-Záriečie.
Demoscena: From Crackers to Pornography / František Zachoval
Lecture will introduce attitudes and works of the authors of demoscene. Demonstrations will evaluate and revitalize back the original [...]

Open source through microsocieties & Artyčok.TV / OSSconf 2009

04/07/2009 Saturday, Faculty of Management Science and Informatics at the University of Žilina – Veľký diel Žilina, 9:00-15:00
DigiLab AVU has been invited to the conference OSSconf 2009 in Žilina organized by the Faculty of Management Science and Informatics at the University of Žilina , the Department of Mathematical Methods VTS at the University of [...]

Kurzy@DigiLab / 2008-2009

Digitální laboratoř AVU v Praze otvírá pro letní semestr 2009 šest kurzů a jeden workshop. Zapsat se můžete do 01/03/2009, mezi 10:00 – 18:00 hod. a to na nástěnce DigiLabu nebo mailem na zachoval [at] avu [dot] cz. Zapisují se posluchači AVU, studenti SNM (FF UK), studenti uměleckých vysokých škol a veřejnost.
02/03/2009 – 13h30 – [...]

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