Courses@DigiLab / Winter Term 2010-2011

10-12/2010, DigiLab AVU Prague U Akademie 4 Prague 7
Digital laboratory of AVU in Prague opens four courses and one seminar for winter term 2010/2011. People who may enroll in courses are students of AVU, students of other art universities and also public.
04/10/2010: 3:15pm – 4:45pm Creating a Personal Web Presentation (04/10 cancelled due to the [...]

Ondřej Dadejík / Aesthetic Problems of Contemporary Art

28/04/2010, DigiLab AVU v Praze (aula) U Akademie 4 Praha 7, 1.30pm
Seminar of postgraduate students
On the occasion of the appearance of his paper “Aesthetic Problems of Contemporary Art” in the last issue of Notebook on Art, Theory and Related Zones, Ondřej Dadejík will be introducing some of the premises and motivations informing the essay. The [...]

Mira Keratová / Action art during “normalization” in former Czechoslovakia – participation and context of urban space

14/04/2010, DigiLab AVU v Praze (aula) U Akademie 4 Praha 7, 1.30pm
The period of “normalization” has been characterized by the gradual breakdown of the ideology and bureaucracy of the regime, by formalization of reformation slogans, and by art trying to change the individual through the power of intense experience. Within immaterial actions life itself was [...]

Martin Mazanec / INTIMATE CINEMA or the Reason Why I Don’t Enjoy Watching VIDEO ART Anymore

31/03/2010, DigiLab AVU v Praze (aula) U Akademie 4 Praha 7, 1.30pm
Archeology of a site as a remediation process of cognition of an art work. Presentation of the doctoral research led by a student of the FAMU. The project focuses on the analysis of a New York cinema building from the end of the 1920’s [...]

Kurzy@DigiLab / LS 2009-2010

Digitální laboratoř AVU v Praze otvírá pro letní semestr 2010 čtyři kurzy, seminář doktorandů a cyklus přednášek VVP.
po  11:00 – 15:00 Cinema 4D – Jsan Padyšák / .pdf
ut   15:00 – 16:30 Tvorma webové prezentace -  Jan Mucska / .odt / .pdf
st   12:00 – 13:30 Video a postprodukce – Pavel Kučera / .odt / .pdf
ct   12:00 [...]

Martin Blažíček / The Art of Algorithm in the Moving Image

03/03/2010, DigiLab AVU v Praze (aula) U Akademie 4 Praha 7, 1.30pm
The lecture demonstrates, by means of practical examples, the use of algorithmic relationship in the art of moving images, from films and early generative art to contemporary digital techniques. The focus is on the use of the algorithmic model as a sort of artistic [...]

CANCELED Marie Davidová / On Environmental Dimensions: Why is it Important to be Nut

17/03/2010, DigiLab AVU v Praze (aula) U Akademie 4 Praha 7, 1.30pm
Space and later on time, probably in connection with the established representational design tools such as analogue and digital models, have become frequently discussed topics in architecture. These together with “interactors” such as sound, light, weather conditions or even human activity (incl. politics, economy, [...]

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