/tmp/ – creative destruction

19/11/2009, Galerie AVU v Praze U Akademie 4 Praha 7, 8pm-2am / Creative Destruction (installations @ music stage)

/tmp/ Creative Destruction {spot} by tmp Creative Destruction

2nd International Multimedia Festival of open technologies

Creative Destruction (installations) is an exhibition project based on technologies that at this time of financial crisis are still being innovated, but on the other hand, they apparently destroy values of traditional societies. The festival has gathered authors who say “no“ to contemporary economical models and dependency on commercial software. Their attitude represents a positive avant-garde for our society that thanks to modern technologies create new values. It is possible to enter the project of Andrej Boleslavský, Michal Pustějovský, LPJT Válka and Tomáš Vavříček & Tomáš Černý / VALDERON that are based on Open Source, but just only on the ground of the Academy of Fine Arts, 19 November between 20:00 and 2:00.

LPJT Válka / 5×2D=3D
Michal Pustějovský / empty_white
Andrej Boleslavský / light installation
Tomáš Vavříček & Tomáš Černý/ valderon

Creative Destruction (music stage) is an audiovisual concept of Open source projects and composers working with analogue access. The evening of noise walls, crackling, machine code and ambient will start a project called rootkit that is based on data loops and the emulator C64.
ne I is a mixture of an onomatopoeic word (a child’s word), iPhone and of the precursor of an electronic instrument – teremin. Precise software engineering of the code (Pure Data) will be presented by Michal Cabowitz in his own application. The real noise meditation has been prepared by a noise mushroom picker federsel. The culmination of the evening will be acoustic ambient of real sounds in their authentic environment by Alef-Elektronik. Chill-out will be in the hands of the group spacebar from Brno.


Creative Destruction (music stage):

line up main stage:
20:00 – rootkit {oscillator & C64}
20:45 – ne I {teremin & iPhone}
21:30 – n0|Z—>f|lT3r {Pure Data performance}
22:15 – federsel {post-industrial art}
23:00 – alef-elekronik {acoustic ambient}
00:00 – fremeni {extreme disco}

chill-out stage:

21:00 – spacebar



///n0|Z—>f|lT3r/// / Michal Cabowitz

Michal Pustějovský / empty_white
empty_white uses Open source hardware Arduino that plays the role of an artist here. By the means of vga hack the author eliminates all hardware. Thanks to Arduino, the electricity is transformed and sent in pictorial packets directly on canvas by the projector.
LPJT Válka / 5×2D=3D
This installation is a use and connection of light simulation with its more real variant thanks to the ingenuous projection of spatial video. 5×2D=3D is formed by five semitransparent canvases and by projection of video pictures. Project installation is designed and simulated with the use of Open source applications.
Andrej Boleslavský / light installation
The spatial light installation of Andrej Boleslavský enables viewers to leave behind their own light prints and references on canvas. The conception of interactivity is based on Open source platform Arduino. Source code and scheme of connection are freely available (on the festival’s web page). Light track itself contains hidden reference.

Klara Jakubová a Andrej Boleslavský

Tomáš Vavříček & Tomáš Černý / VALDERON
A group of artists that deal with audiovisual intervention into public space. The activities of this informal group are based on the philosophy of Open source. The installation within the project Creative Destruction is based on the presence of people. Viewer´s data information are transfered into virtual “suprematistic building“. The originated architecture of chains and biological relations is projected. The members: Tomáš Vavříček, Pavel Čejka & Tomáš Černý.

Creative Destruction (music stage):

rootkit {oscillator & C64}
Piece is composed as a framework for live performance where performer is modifying audio signal, but basic features of composition are based on methods of abstractions designed in environment Pure Data. The sound is generated synthetically from simple oscillator [osc~] and white noise [noise~] objects, depth and reverberation is modified by crossmodulations [xfm~]. Pattern junkies : C64 emulator composition of harmony and non harmony patterns processed with Pure Data patch.
ne I
It is about work with living material from every day life that is transformed into perfect score. The basis is formed by a child’s word, by its emotionality and onomatopoeia. ne I is a developing improvisation based on the amazement over everyday objects.


Michal Cabowitz / n0|Z—>f|lT3r
n0|Z—>f|lT3r is simple audio-visual instrument built with help of pure data. The source of audio-visual stream is noise which is filtered in order to obtain new aesthetical quality. The whole live performance takes 20 minutes and is an analogical process of creating an order from chaos.


federsel {post-industrial art}
Federsel when he is alone, he puts away his guitars, basguitars or laptops and starts connecting his collection of old analogue devices into nonstandard connections. Of howling, crackling and hissing he creates his own version of postindustrial, music without ego, plans, errors or coincidences. He calls it chamber industrial or café noise by himself. Noise meditation over a broken connector.
Federsel is the second family name of Tomáš Procházka (aka Invisible man ). In his everyday life he acts in the theatre called Buchty a loutky, Handa Gote and he is a member of music groups such as B4, Gurun Gurun and Radio Royal. He is a passionate mushroom picker.
Contemporary Alef´s music production has moved from aggressive industrial style, melodic electro beats and down tempo to ACOUSTIC AMBIENT, i.e. to comparing of characters of real sounds in their real environment. The author explores mainly the acoustical and resonant character of iron (rusty sculptures in the suburbs, bronze sculptures, bridges, and etc.).
Rhythms and sounds originate right during the recording in open air. His music composition is influenced by “film narration”. Alef has prepared not only his new music pieces, but also the old ones.

Organizer: DigiLab AVU in Prague and tomik_v
Curator: František Zachoval
Sponsors: Ministry of Culture of the Czech Republic, freerunner.cz and the Academy of Fine Arts in Prague
Media partners: A2, Artyčok.TV, freemusic.cz, HIS Voice, Radio 1, Radio Wave, rAdioCUSTICA a root.cz
In cooperation: Gallery of Academy Fine Arts Prague







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Published : 20. 10. 2009
Author: Frantisek Zachoval
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